Specialization Areas Quabbala London:

We have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers in London, Spanish and native, capable of offering the best business solutions :

Bankruptcy administrators

Mergers and Acquisitions: We have a highly qualified team in mergers and acquisitions, the ommercialisation and sale of companies in difficulties.

Pre-loan Reviews: Our pre-credit analyses provide the information necessary to make an accurate decision.

Financing: We propose financing options for companies and creditors that require solutions.

Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions

Feasibility Analysis: Our evaluation examines the viability of the entity and offers an objective view of the strength of a client at a given time.

Exit strategies: We provide clear guidance on escape strategies and the possibilities of obtaining enefits.

Commercial Law (Constitution of companies and commercial contracts: Distribution, agency, franchise, etc.)Contingency
Plans: We design crisis plans and implement short-term insolvency procedures.

Strategic Evaluations: Sometimes, it is necessary to go a step further and evaluate the long-term viability of a business.

Fraud Investigations: We analyse the origin of the fraud (as the cause of the “bankruptcy of the company” or any other scenario) and indicate the process to follow to comply with its legal obligations and to protect you or your business.