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Our law firm is composed of lawyers with proven results. Our reliable team will keep you well informed as your case develops. Our goal lies in the results and customer satisfaction.

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Our Law Firm And Insolvency Administrators In London & Birmingham

Quabbala Limited opened its British headquarters in the City of London in April 2014; today we are a reference among Spanish law firms in London. The London office is the second that the Firm inaugurates outside of Spain, after Hong Kong.

Our law firm in England can offer a personalized service, both to companies and entities from different sectors, as well as to private individuals looking for lawyers in London.

The City of London is one of the world’s financial capitals and one of the most influential cities in the world economically. This also spills over to our offices in Birmingham. When client are looking for will writing services birmingham rest assured you can point them in our direction.¬†All the big companies that operate in the European continent have their place in the City, for that reason we open one of our law firms in London. The influence of the capital of the United Kingdom attracts all kinds of multinationals that wish to operate in Europe from the British Isles. However, the possibility of establishing a brand in the United Kingdom must be preceded by the previous work of a law firm in English, able to handle with experience the particular British legislation.

birmingham will writers ukIn Kabbalah we have specialized in the implementation of Spanish companies in international markets, which differentiates us from other law firms in London is our ability to form teams composed of lawyers and economists, able to assess the market and adapt the situation to the characteristics of the company, taking into account both financial and legal factors with lawyers in London experts in this type of job.

Law firm in England

Our headquarters in London was founded to offer a comprehensive solution from the British Isles, to achieve this we work with a multidisciplinary team trained to perform all kinds of financial and legal services adapted to each particular situation. An international lawyer must do an adequate job, in Quabbala we work so that you can have all the necessary tools in a single law firm in London, to export your company to one of the most important capitals in the world.

Specialization Areas Quabbala London:

We have a multidisciplinary team of lawyers in London, Spanish and native, capable of offering the best business solutions :

Bankruptcy administrators

Mergers and Acquisitions: We have a highly qualified team in mergers and acquisitions, the ommercialisation and sale of companies in difficulties.

Pre-loan Reviews: Our pre-credit analyses provide the information necessary to make an accurate decision.

Financing: We propose financing options for companies and creditors that require solutions.

Restructuring, Mergers and Acquisitions

Feasibility Analysis: Our evaluation examines the viability of the entity and offers an objective view of the strength of a client at a given time.

Exit strategies: We provide clear guidance on escape strategies and the possibilities of obtaining enefits.

Commercial Law (Constitution of companies and commercial contracts: Distribution, agency, franchise, etc.)Contingency
Plans: We design crisis plans and implement short-term insolvency procedures.

Strategic Evaluations: Sometimes, it is necessary to go a step further and evaluate the long-term viability of a business.

Fraud Investigations: We analyse the origin of the fraud (as the cause of the “bankruptcy of the company” or any other scenario) and indicate the process to follow to comply with its legal obligations and to protect you or your business.